Discount or cap? A spreadsheet that shows what happens when a note converts.

Venture math can be tough. Terms like convertible note, discount and cap can complicate a seemingly easy process. A convertible note is a debt instrument typically used when a company first begins to raise capital. The valuation of the company is determined at a later date, after a Series A investment. This is when a note converts to Read more about Discount or cap? A spreadsheet that shows what happens when a note converts.[…]

Conversion Discounts in Convertible Notes

Convertible promissory notes do not include a stated pre-money valuation. Instead, the convertible note seed investor and startup agree that the pre-money valuation for the convertible note investment will be determined by the pre-money valuation the startup receives at the Series A round. However, the convertible note investor does not receive the Series A pre-money Read more about Conversion Discounts in Convertible Notes[…]

Convertible Debt – Wrap Up

We’ve completed our series on convertible debt and hope that you enjoyed it. If we ever get around to writing a second edition of Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist we’ll be sure to include this as well.

If you go to the resources section of Ask the VC we’ve included standard forms used in a variety of venture deals. As of this posting, we’ll include some standard convertible debt documents subject to the disclaimer that we aren’t you lawyers and make no reps or warranties with respect to these documents, so use at your own risk.

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