AngelList Commits to Crowdfunding – Venture Capital Dispatch – WSJ

A site that connects startups and early stage investors, , is rolling out a long-anticipated equity crowdfunding service to its users this week, according to Chief Executive Naval Ravikant.
Dubbed the service has been available to a handful of companies, by invitation only, since December 2012. Eighteen startups, including , and , raised $6.7 million in funding commitments from 620 investors, via AngelList during that test period. The service is now available to any qualifying startup or “top-tier” accredited angel investor using the site. Ash Fontana, a “venture hacker” who develops

The Most Influential Angel Investors On AngelList

AngelList has become a popular way for new startups to raise seed funding. In some ways related to the opening up of investing via the JOBS Act, AngelList is designed to level the playing field for entrepreneurs seeking funding. The website enables any startup to raise funding by pitching to angel investors or requesting meetings, all Read more about The Most Influential Angel Investors On AngelList[…]

Raising Seed Investment for Africa focused Tech Startups

(This article is focused on raising money for startups with an African focus but it contains some great generic advice on for all startups on needed steps before spending considerable time in fundraising.) This first step is actually common everywhere, entrepreneurs think they deserve financing when its just an idea in their head all the way up to startups showing significant progress but are probably stalling and need significant technical/business help and capital infusion to grow their venture. Also fundraising takes a significant a

Tips for Raising Startup Funds on AngelList

I’ve personally raised $1 million from AngelList for my startup, and have helped dozens of other startups raise $3 million more. I’ve referred more than 20 startups to AngelList, vouched for a dozen other investors and am ranked as one of the top connectors on the site.

Try a similar strategy by adhering to the following steps.