Raising Seed Investment for Africa focused Tech Startups


(This article is focused on raising money for startups with an African focus but it contains some great generic advice on for all startups on needed steps before spending considerable time in fundraising.)

1. Make sure you are ready – Checklist

This first step is actually common everywhere, entrepreneurs think they deserve financing when its just an idea in their head all the way up to startups showing significant progress but are probably stalling and need significant technical/business help and capital infusion to grow their venture. Also fundraising takes a significant amount of time and if the team is small, it might actually harm the business for key individual founders or CEO to spend 6+ months pitching to investors. Its important to appoint someone in the team to focus on this more (usually the CEO)- poorly prepared startups on the funding road doesn’t help either side. A startup with a single founder is disadvantaged vs a well rounded team that compliments each other. So its key to make sure you have hit key milestones before putting your startup at more risk by spending time on the road searching for funding- you might talk to 50+ potential investors before you get anywhere.

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