Startup Industry Insights from First Round Capital

According to First Round Capital, a top venture capital firm located in Philadelphia, PA, women founders outperform men. In a report published by the firm yesterday, First Round Capital revealed the finding as one of ten major insights it has learned over the past ten years the VC firm has been in operation. Called the Read more about Startup Industry Insights from First Round Capital[…]

Top 12 lies angels tell

Angel investors are among the leading sources of funding for many technology firms. Knowing how these investors think and evaluate a possible investment is therefore vital for any tech start up seeking funding. With a nod to Garage Venture’s Guy Kawasaki and his Top 10 Lies of Venture Capitalists, I offer my Top 12 Lies Angels Tell. Read more about Top 12 lies angels tell[…]

The Eight Best Questions We Got While Raising Venture Capital

VCs are good at asking questions. They are unimplicated in your dumb decisions, unmoved by your original sense of mission and far less concerned than you that a blunder could bankrupt you. They re-imagine your business in terms of all the other businesses they’ve seen, pulling the arms off one doll and the head off Read more about The Eight Best Questions We Got While Raising Venture Capital[…]

Raising Seed Investment for Africa focused Tech Startups

(This article is focused on raising money for startups with an African focus but it contains some great generic advice on for all startups on needed steps before spending considerable time in fundraising.) This first step is actually common everywhere, entrepreneurs think they deserve financing when its just an idea in their head all the way up to startups showing significant progress but are probably stalling and need significant technical/business help and capital infusion to grow their venture. Also fundraising takes a significant a